From The Series "Cake Map Philadelphia" Installation View From The Series "Cake Map Philadelphia" Installation View
"Michigan""Michigan" Detail"Phila. Bldg. Detail""Phila. Bldg. Detail" Detail"Retainer""Embankment""Cake Block""Cake Block" Detail"Cake Block"  Detail 2"Justin Loves Fire Trucks"
Cake Constructions
I began building with cake in order to depict the chaotic landscape of urban renewal and sprawl that I was seeing take place in American cities, primarily Philadelphia. The methodical dividing and carving up of neighborhoods; entire blocks at a time or house by house, mirrored the way a cake would be consumed. The missing sections, no matter how irregular, provide proof of meticulous and systematic destruction.
The cakes have an inherent ability to captivate and gratify an audience both visually and conceptually. They are profoundly linked to our senses of desire and fantasy, so as a material it is ideal for the surreal landscapes I create. During their design, I play with the similarities between decorative frosting and architectural ornamentation. Crumbs quickly become debris and the distinctions between structure, foundation and earth are muddled by conflicting senses of reclamation and resurrection. This conflict brings to mind issues of homelessness and being without place but also alludes to the need to create a sanctuary out of these imperfect situations.