Landscape Remix
Curated by Rod Malin, found of Baltimore's newest contemporary art gallery, Guest Spot. Landscape Remix features work by: Alex Gingrove, Lesser Gonzalez Alvarez, Jay Hardman, Paddy Johnson, Ron Lambert, Keith Lea, Alan Resnick

"Unsustainable Reviews"
Tar or chocolate? Jay Hardman’s alternate universe at Space 1026
By Dennis D'Alesandro

Amuse-Bouche: Jay Hardman Has His Cake

In Liquid Review: By Leah Abrams
Vox Popuili: Philadelphia's Artist-Run Space
"Unsustainable" Philadelphia Weekly's First Friday Picks
Don’t miss the art party!
By Katherine Rochester

Read more: http://www.philadelphiaweekly.com/arts-a
Solo Show Coming
My first solo exhibition is scheduled for January 2012 at Space 1026 in Philadelphia, PA. http://space1026.com/
"Smoke and Mirrors"
The University of Oklahoma School of Art & Art History is hosting an exhibition relating to the concepts of deception, illusion and the unknown. My photograph "Philadelphia Cake" will be exhibited at the Lightwell Gallery, School of Art & Art History from November 29 through December 10.
"Salvage" a duo artist exhibition at the Berger Gallery of Manhattanville College will feature sculptures by Jay Hardman and paintings by Peter Owen. Scheduled to open in the Fall, 2010.
Exhibition Photos at Flickr.com
"I Don't Watch The Internet"

The Opening of "At Loose Ends"
This site contains pictures from the opening of my latest group exhibition at "My House Gallery" in Philadelphia. Courtesy of 215Magazine.